College Track SINGLES 5-Day

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College Track SINGLES+5-DAY.jpg

College Track SINGLES 5-Day

from 300.00
  • Five days of College Track at IDBDC DanceSport Camp workshops

  • Best option offered for Collegiate Competitors who would like to focus on their Syllabus knowledge in Newcomer, Bronze, Silver and Gold Closed levels

  • Workshops in 4 styles (International Standard & Latin; American Smooth & Rhythm)

  • Lectures and Presentations

  • Competition Preparation Rounds

  • Social dances

  • Evening activities

  • DOES NOT include: IDBDC Main Track & Junior/Youth Track Workshops

Do you plan to have a host Hotel Room Reservation:

Scholarships won at any competitions CAN NOT be used to register for this track.

This Registration includes a Collegiate Track registration only. It DOES NOT include workshops or lessons offered in the main IDBDC track workshops and lessons.

If you would like to upgrade College Track registration to the Main IDBDC track registration, you may do so by contacting us directly.

The prices are not inclusive of a Hotel stay.

As thank you we do extend a discounted price registration for Independence Day Ball Dance Camp attendies that make a reservation at our host Hotel. Please make your hotel reservation as soon as it becomes available after registering for IDBDC, if you would like to get a discount on your IDBDC registration. We will send an e-mail to those who mark yes for a hotel stay to make a reservation as soon as it becomes available.

If you would like to upgrade this to IDBDC VIP Package please contact us.