The Biggest DanceSport Camp in North America!

Independence Day Ball Dance Camp was founded in 2004 by Ily and Elena Zislin. Original name of the camp was "Independence Day Ball", as it was always held around the 4th of July. The main goal was to bring high caliber instructors all around the United States and make it affordable for collegiate dancers. Over the period of time, IDB had become very popular amongst college students, and slowly but surely, Independence Day Ball became the largest collegiate dance camp in North America.

In 2013 10-Dance World and U.S. Professional 10-Dance Finalist, Ruslan and Katusha Wilder joined Independence Day Ball Dance Camp’s team of instructors, and 2 years later became the proud new owners and the organizers of this 5-Day educational ballroom dance event.

Today, we've expanded our horizons even further, as IDBDC is now being attended by Junior/Youth, Collegiate, Adult, Senior, Amateur, Pro-Am and Pro dancers, both in the competitive and social fields from all over the world. We have also expanded our horizons to the instructors, and now the camp hosts World Class Coaches from the US, UK, Russia and Europe. But with all these achievements we are extremely proud of, our original mission stays the same -

Provide highest quality instruction and the most affordable prices.

A few IDBDC facts and Achievements

  • The largest attended Ballroom Dance Camp in North America.
  • The only camp in the North America to offer over 170 lecture/workshop hours in addition to private instructions, dance socials and practice sessions.
  • Independence Day Ball Dance Camp has more instructors than any other camp in
    North America under the same roof

    • in 2016 Independence Day Ball Dance Camp had over 24 instructors
      teaching over a 5-day period

    • in 2017 Independence Day Ball Dance Camp had over 30+

  • Our instructors are the highest caliber dancers, teachers, coaches from WDC and WDSF organizations.

  • Independence Day Ball Dance Camp being in existence for over 13 years and is
    one of the oldest DanceSport Dance Camps in the country.

  • The first and only camp in the country to offer a “Pizza with the Pros” night.

  • in 2017 IDBDC was the first Dance Camp to broadcast from behind the scenes of the camp for attendees to see it.

  • Independence Day Ball Dance Camp is the ONLY DanceSport Camp to have an annual July 4th Fireworks trip.

  • in 2016 The First Dance Camp to offer a USADance University with WDSF certification program in United States and we also hosted USISTD Symposium for many years.

  • Did you know? It was calculated by our attendees, that if one attendee attends all lectures at the Independence Day Ball Dance Camp on average they will be paying on average less than $10 per lecture! No other United States 5-day Dance Camp has such affordable prices with such high quality of instruction. It is even hard for anyone to find a group class for that little money!