The Creation of Junior / Youth Program

For a number of years as Independence Day Ball Dance Camp has offered an opportunity for dancers of many levels and ages to attend and receive quality instruction from some of the best coaches available. However, the increase of the interest in youth competitors attending IDBDC has proved the need for a separate program to be created at our camp. Additionally, while partnering with JADA and WSCDC, IDBDC has decided to honor the rules and request of both organizations that: “No Seniors or Adult competitors share the floor with youth dancers at the same time”.


IDBDC Youth.jpeg

In 2017 Independence Day Ball Dance Camp created a separate Junior / Youth Program

This gives an ability for Junior / Youth competitors to share the same floor with their peers and focus on their dancing. Additionally having a separate ballroom for young competitors gives a much better opportunity for the top level coaches to focus specifically on the needs of Youth competitors.


This approach has proven to be extremely popular and gave much better results for the dancers.

In fact it was so popular that many adult attendees expressed to add the lectures and program developed for the youth competitors to the main course of Independence Day Ball Dance Camp. Youth competitors are able to participate in all social activities that are offered to adult competitors including the Social and July 4th firework trip.


In order for youth competitors to participate in the Junior/Youth IDBDC program they have to meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 8 - 21 years old.

  • Be at least a Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pre-Championship or Championship Level Competitor.

  • Junior attendees between ages of 8 - 10 MUST must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Be accompanied by an adult or have an arrangement made with IDBDC staff & counselors.

  • All Junior/Youth attendees absolutely MUST have a parent/guardian forms filled out:

Forms MUST be filled out and signed by June 10th. Additionally, all attendees have to be familiar with the rules listed in the forms.

  • Please send all forms to the following e-mail: (Everyone must fill out Code of Conduct, Cell Phone Use and Waiver Forms to attend IDBDC, without a signed forms we will not be allowing an attendance.)

  • If you have any further questions please contact us at:

Junior/Youth Registration Options

There are two registration Options for Junior/Youth Program attendees: All-Inclusive and A la carte.

All-inclusive Option


  • Scholarship Redemption is allowed towards the registration

  • Split Payment Option can be used for registration.

  • Regular cancellation policy applies.

  • Hotel Stay

  • Meals

  • Social Activities (any expenses associated with them)

  • All Junior/Youth lectures/group classes

  • Some Mix - age lectures

  • Every Day Rounds

  • Every Day Fitness training

  • Every Day Yoga

  • July 4th Fireworks transportation cost

  • July 4th Fireworks meal

Does not include

  • Private Lessons - Attendee Rate (Available for Purchase)

A La Carte Option

(available only for a 5-day registration only)


  • Registration for 5-day camp

  • All Junior/Youth Lectures only

  • Every Day Rounds

  • Every Day Fitness training

  • Every Day Yoga

  • Social Activities (any expense is paid extra)

  • July 4th trip (does not include the transportation - paid extra)

Does Not include (Can be purchased separately)

  • Hotel Stay

  • Meals

  • July 4th Fireworks trip meal

  • Mix-age lectures

  • Private Lessons - Attendee Rate (Available for Purchase)


  • No Scholarship redemption is allowed for this option.

  • No Split payment option is available for this Registration.

  • Must have a parent or guardian at all times present

  • Only 2 children per parent are allowed

  • Only 2 children are allowed to stay in the room with Parent/Guardian

  • Parent guardian MUST have a appropriate forms filled out with IDBDC.

  • Parent or Guardian must sign in and sign out the children anytime they leave with IDBDC counselor

  • No Cancellation or Refund option

  • No transfer

  • Must reserve a room at our host hotel Hyatt Regency. Can use our group rate to reserve a room.