Q. What is the appropriate level of dance experience?

A. Most of the workshops are focused on technique that can be applied at all levels of dancing from newcomer through open. Each dancer, depending on his or her level of experience, will come away with different ideas from the workshops. Some workshops will be labeled "Advanced" and only Open dancers will be able to participate, although the majority will be available for everyone.


Q. What is the teaching style of the workshops?

A. All of the workshops are a mix between learning the ideas through lecture, trying out the new concepts through exercises and practicing them with various partners. You can expect to dance during every session. Most workshops focus on technique so many of the exercises will be individual. In certain cases, however, like in the Standard choreography classes, there will clearly be more partner work.


Q. If I do not have a partner, can I still participate in the workshops?

A. Most workshops focus on teaching ideas and dancing technique and not necessarily on new dance figures. You will notice that we have only one or so choreography classes per day, which is intentional. If for some reason you require a partner during the session, the instructor will rotate partners in the class.


Q. What should I wear to the workshops?

A. For workshops, we recommend you wear something that does not limit your movement such as comfortable stretchy pants, or a short flowing skirt. Dancers typically wear something they would normally practice in or wear to a dance lesson. We would recommend not wearing jeans. Also, we recommend wearing ballroom or latin shoes (although you may end up in dance sneakers by the end of the camp). Please remember to bring semi-formal attire for the Social dance.


Q. How many dancers are allowed per session?

A. We make sure to keep the workshops small enough to be beneficial but large enough to be entertaining. Since we have concurrent workshops, dancers typically split rather evenly between the different rooms. If we anticipate a particular class to attract more people, we make sure to assign it to a larger room.


Q. Do I need to sign up for specific workshops?

A. After you register for the camp, you do not need to sign up for specific workshops. When you arrive at the camp, you will receive a print-out of the schedule and any private lessons you have reserved. You simply need to decide before each session starts which workshop you would like to attend (a choice we try to make very difficult).


Q. How do I find a roommate?

A. Championship Dance Camps does not have a roommate-pairing service, however there is a Facebook event that has been set-up by a separate party. The page can be found HERE. We are not responsible for any outcome from arrangements made on it.


Q. What is the definition of "student" for the student discount?

A. We require a valid school/college/university student ID to qualify for the student discount.


Q. Will food be provided?

A. We do not provide meals as part of dance camp regular registration. However, buffet for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is available for purchase from IDBDC for additional cost. Some specific packages (VIP, Junior/Youth Program) do include buffet as a part of registration. Additionally, food is readily available in and around the hotel. For more information please check out our location tab for more information about food options available near the hotel.


Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. The cancellation policy for each event is posted under the Registration section.


Q. What is the minimum age to attend the camp?

A. Pre-teen 2 (11 years old) is the youngest age allowed to attend the camp.


Q. You have won a scholarship to our camp at one of the sponsored competitions after we have registered for IDBDC. Is it possible to still use it?

A. We congratulate you on your placement and your fantastic dancing! IDBDC provides various discounts and specials through out the year as a part of our commitment to keep the prices affordable to our attendees. If you have registered and paid for your registration at an earlier date prior to receiving scholarship you have already received one of the best prices available. It is not possible to apply the scholarship after the fact of registration. 


Private Lessons

Q. Can I take private lessons without attending the camp?

A. Yes, although if you are coming to the camp to take lessons, you may want to consider purchasing a one-day pass.


Q. How do I sign up for a private lessons slot?

A. Please purchase private lessons via the registration page. If you have a time or day preference, please indicate this in the "comments" field during registration. Once we finalize the private lessons schedule, you will receive an automated email detailing the day and time of your lesson(s).