What dancers think about IDBDC...

Diane Montgomery.jpg

When I first came to IDBDC, I honestly did not know what to expect. However, I have to say that the experience has exceeded my expectations in every way. The organization is great. The quality of instruction is unsurpassed in my experience and the people have been fabulous. I love the mix of all ages, mix of classes and the social activities every evening. I has been a fabulous experience. I'll definitely be back for many years to come. 

- Diane

(Dallas, TX) Amateur Dancer, President of USADance Dallas Chapter


This camp is great for all levels and ages. The classes are wonderful. The people are so friendly. They laugh. They're light-hearted. They really enjoy themselves. Their love for dancing and love for us coming out here and sharing what we know with them really comes out. Definitely IDB is a place that if you want to come, have fun, learn to dance, meet new people, it's definitely a great place to be. 

- Victor Fung, Instructor

2017 Blackpool Champion, World, UK and US Ballroom Finalist


It's always a great pleasure to be at Independence Day Ball Dance Camp because the enthusiasm of the students that attend here is overwhelming. They go at it for 8 hours a day non-stop starting early morning and finishing into the late evening with social activities. I always look forward to coming back here. This is an exceptional DanceSport Camp that is a premier example of how a DanceSport Camp should be done. 

- Glenn Weiss, Instructor

Blackpool, International, UK Champion, 1984-1985 World Standard Champion

Linara Axanova.jpg

You're learning from top - I mean top - dancers in the world. Just seeing them dance alone, and actually talking to them - they're very personal with you - it was amazing. I think any dancer from complete beginner to open competitor dancer can benefit from this. It hasn't even finished yet and I'm already looking forward to next year! 

- Linara 

(Winston-Salem, NC) Amateur Competitive Dancer

Diane DiSanto.jpg

I have to say it's the most fun I've ever had. This Dance Camp is absolutely amazing. Dancers of various ages from Youth to Seniors. This is the year I've gathered the courage to join the performance dance team and it was absolutely fantastic. 

- Diane 

(Cranston, Rhode Island) Amateur Competitive Dancer


One of the coolest things about Independence Day Ball Dance Camp is that it has a lot of different categories and levels. Its a very big and diverse crowd, there are social dancers, competitor dancers, Junior 2, youth, under-21, pro-am, collegiate, amateur, adult, senior students. No matter what level dancers are the fundamentals are the essential to all and that is what IDBDC has. There is a huge amount of lectures of many levels available here so any dancer will leave here with something new.  A lot of times people come to IDBDC in order to get inspired or may be to get a different ideas of which direction they want to take their dancing to.  At IDBDC there are so many incredible instructors from all over the World. It is definitely a camp not to miss!

- Karina Smirnoff, Instructor

(U.S. & UK Latin Champion, World and Blackpool Latin Finalist)

Renata Shvarts.jpg

As an Education Director of Junior Athletes Dance Association (JADA) I am proud to announce a JADA Academy workshops being hosted as part of the  Independence Day Ball Dance Camp.

Huge Thanks to Russ Ruslan Wilder & Katusha Wilder, organizers of Championship Dance Camp for giving Youth and Junior DanceSport Athletes (18 and under) a chance to experience 4 days of workshops with the Top Professional athletes, coaches, and judges from all over the world. Bellow is the schedule of all the classes that will be available to junior and youth dancers in a separate ballroom designated just for them.

- Renata Shvarts

(WDSF Judge, Chairwoman, JADA Education Director)


Thank you Ruslan Wilder and Katusha Wilder for inviting me to teach at the Independence Day Ball Dance Camp, I had a great experience! It's definitely a camp worth putting on the calendar next year for those of you looking to learn from some of the best all in one place. 


- Bree Watson, Instructor

(NDCA Judge, US and World Rhythm Champion)

Daniel Calloway.jpg

I think this is the most wonderful concept of camp I have ever seen. Getting anyone to come together with really great instruction at affordable prices and it's just constant immersion for the whole 5-day period with all kinds of fun things scattered in between the really serious technique and choreography and dancing classes. It's really incredible. This is an opportunity no one should miss.

- Dan Calloway, Instructor

Dual Fellow of the ISTD, World Cup Adjudicator, WDSF certified

Alex Wilson.jpeg

Here at IDB I've been learning a lot - every day - every lesson - I take away numerous things. You don't have time to write it all down. You just know you're going to get exposed to some many amazing thing. They bring in the best instructors. You take lessons and learn things from amazing people here at IDB. It's been an excellent experience. 

- Alex 

(Severna Park, MD) Amateur Competitive Dancer

Daniel Dilley.jpeg

Where else can you have so many group lessons from instructors who are World Champions? In every room, there's a different world champion teaching something. That's pretty exciting. Independence Day Ball Dance Camp has it all.  

- Daniel Dilley

Co-Head Coach at Purdue Latin & Ballroom Team, WDSF Judge

Arthur Sigmund.jpeg

Went to my first IDB Dance Camp this past summer and it's truly worth it, so much info and so much dancing.

- Arthur Sigmund

(Virginia, Amateur Collegiate competitor)

Polina Kazhina.jpeg

IDB Dance Camp was amazing! Katusha and Ruslan did a wonderful job. I would love to see Katusha teach and lead exercises like she did at IDBDC. She really whooped our buts into shape in a few short days.

- Polina Kazhina

(Staten Island, NY Pro-Am Competitor)

Asli Yurtyapan.jpeg

We had such a fantastic time and acquired such great information at Independence Day Ball Camp! Thanks to Ruslan Wilder and Katusha Wilder for organizing this amazing camp! 5 days full of intense, exquisite lectures by World class instructors from 8 am until 9 pm with Competition rounds, Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Pizza with Pros, trip to July 4th Fire works at Washington DC, Movie Night and much much more! We met new friends, broadened our vision and understanding of dancing. Now, we are eager to get back to work with an updated road map! Recommend to anyone in any level, whether you dance Standard, Latin, Smooth or Rhythm!

- Asli Yurtyapan & Göktürk Yurtyapan

(Seattle, WA) Amateur Senior Competitors